1820 Prayer meetings held in private houses

1822 The first Wesleyan Methodist Chapel and Sunday School started in a room over the village smithy

1829 First Methodist Chapel built on land alongside Market Street

1867 Day School opened initially in the bottom of the chapel and then in a room at Spring Mill

1869 New purpose built Day School built on land adjoining the site of the chapel

1903 The chapel being in need of major repair and being inadequate in size the trustees resolved to build a new one

1905 New chapel built at a cost of £6,500 and all debts were cleared by 1911

1939-45 The church fell into disrepair after suffering damage during the second world war but the congregation rallied round and repairs were completed

1955 The Golden Jubilee celebrated but already there were signs of dry rot necessitating further repairs

1993 The Church Council decided that the way forward was to provide a new modern church and school hall on the site of the existing school building

1998 Planning application made for the new church but before it could be resolved both buildings were listed Grade II

1999 After considering all alternatives it was resolved to prepare a scheme of structural repair and remodelling of the church building and to sell the school building to help finance the work on the church

2000 Planning approval obtained for converting the school building into 10 apartments and the building sold to a developer

2004 The church building closed in August 2004 for the carrying out of a major scheme of reconstruction

2005 Following completion of the scheme, the church reopened for worship in August 2005